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FIBERGLASS By Design is the home of quality fiberglass molding solutions. From our base in Fort Lauderdale we design, manufacture, and install custom fiberglass products and structures for clients across a broad range of industries, and can therefore pretty much accommodate any requirements you may have. Over the last 25 years we have worked on such a varied fiberglass portfolio that no matter the size of the project or its level of complexity we are happy to rise to the challenge. From one-off commissions or production quantities of any volume, our highly skilled team of fiberglass specialists are at your disposal.

As a custom fiberglass molding company our primary objective is to enable the economic manufacture of exceptional quality GRP / Fiberglass moldings with a high degree of precision. We devote the same attention to detail and project management to all projects regardless of project size or spend,. Our reputation for product excellence is easily identified by the quality of workmanship demonstrated. This, we feel sets us apart from our competitors. FIBERGLASS By Design feels that the client deserves value for money, it is here where we set the industry standard, we call this “service”.

Through our website we aim to provide an insight into the products and fiberglass structures that can be produced for the creative architect, engineer or designer. From the pictures throughout our website you will appreciate the diversity of what we are able to manufacture and supply. The possibilities are endless, so no matter the fiberglass structure, item or component you require,  We have the skill, experience and team to produce it for you. The projects we have worked on have been so varied that we can literally say that here at FIBERGLASS By Design “anything is possible”. Even when presented with some of the stranger and slightly more unique briefs, we’ve not yet found a fiberglass molding project that we couldn’t or wouldn’t take on.

Examples of our work include the manufacture of custom fiberglass seating and tables, reception desks and bars, planters of all sizes and styles, architectural cladding and features, pendants lights and seating pods, branding structures and signage, industrial covers and enclosures, and so much more, this is just a flavor of our team’s creative work.

Over the years FIBERGLASS By Design brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Our key strengths are in our ability to convert our client’s concepts and designs into the very highest quality fiberglass moldings. Our rapid delivery promise and our ‘can do’ attitude to all projects, ensures we are a partner that can be trusted to deliver.  We are manufacturers that operate throughout United States and worldwide

Our services are scalable and flexible enough to integrate with any client workflow schedule and due to our continual commitment to cost effective GRP fiberglass solutions and our open minded approach regarding unusual or specialist applications, we will consider all projects. (Small projects are always very welcome!)

We love the challenges. So why not get in touch today, we welcome the opportunity of discussing your requirements.

We provide the complete Fiberglass solution:

֍ Consultancy and design assistance
֍ Composite calculations
֍ Laminate design and guidance on material selection
֍ Product development and evaluation
֍ Mold design and tooling
֍ GRP moldings, fabrications and structures
֍ Spray painting and specialist coatings
֍ Sub assemble and the installation of peripheral components
֍ Delivery, installation and maintenance
֍ Creative Fiberglass Molding Company

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We’re a creative team here in Fort Lauderdale,
who love the challenges.

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