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FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering brings together specialized technical skills from being in the industry for over 25 years. Combined with our marine expertise, we can handle all repairs from minor gel coat work to major collision damage. Our key staff has over 25 years of experience in the composites industry, combined we have 100's of years in the field. This expertise is the cornerstone of our business which is easily identified by the quality of our demonstrated workmanship.

Custom FIBERGLASS Hardtop

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering

Innovation in today's world

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering is recognized as an industry leader with a demonstrated history of manufacturing fiberglass moldings and products in a wide variety of applications, such as: Architectural, Automotive, Communications, Construction, Engineering, Exhibition, Leisure, Hygiene, Marine, Transportation, and specializes in fluid containment and storage applications.

Automotive FIBERGLASS Applications

Complete FIBERGLASS Design

At FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering, we say “anything is possible”

Our core competency is FIBERGLASS

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FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering

Custom Fiberglass Manufacturers

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering specializes in design and manufacturing of custom fiberglass molds.
We design and manufacture production molds to support Architecture, Naval, Commercial, Construction, Fashion, Arts & others.

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering fabricate to order composite parts for a very wide variety of uses. Such as pannels, piping, channels and small, medium, large exhaust systems and much more.

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering provide complete solutions in Naval architectural improvements forensic work, delamination corrective work, structural support improvement fabrication of vessels to order.

Highest quality custom furniture fabrication

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering

We design and build innovation

Our website provides insight into the fiberglass structures that can be produced for the creative architect, engineer or designer. The pictures displayed demonstrate the diversity of our work and what we are capable of manufacturing for your next creative idea and project. The possibilities are endless, no matter the complexity of your designs for fiberglass structures, items or components, we have the skill, experience, and team to produce it to the highest standards.

We design innovation parts for applications in architecture, marine components, civil architecture, agricultural industry, art, transportation and more. 

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering 

We have the ability to produce one off pieces and multiple units in a production run

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering

Brings together the specialized technical skills of over 25 years experience

The biggest candy cane in the world

Custom Fiberglass Design

We provides solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial and recreational market. We design innovation parts for applications in architecture, marine components, civil architecture, agricultural industry, art, transportation and more. 

Screw Sculpture

Custom Fiberglass Design

The Wave F55 is a completely customizable Yacht Tender

Every WAVE F55 is built to order.
Our workshop builds everything in house to ensure quality and timing.
Our standard delivery time is 90 days for the base model. 

Your Ideas, Our Solutions!

Did our pictures get you excited? Imagine seeing your ideas come to fruition with Fiberglass By Design and Engineering, the industry leader in quality custom fiberglass solutions.

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