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During our time in the composites industry FIBERGLASS
By Design & Engineering have undertaken a vast range of molding and repair projects for most industry sectors; this work ranges from;
Signage, Fiberglass signs, shop interiors and kiosks.
Architectural, fascia’s & cladding, interior/exterior detail.
Automotive, wind deflectors, high tops, body kits.
Construction, form work, lift shaft liners.
Engineering, covers, guards, housings, enclosures.
Exhibition, components, stands, themed pieces.
Hygiene, shower trays & cubicles, baths.
Leisure, theme park rides, flumes & slides.
Marine, boat hulls &, associated components.
Specialist applications, lining, fabrications & prototypes.
Transportation, seats, covers, bodywork and so much more.

Complete Fiberglass Design

Custom Fiberglass Molds

FIBERGLASS By Design specializes in design and manufacturing of custom fiberglass molds.
We design and manufacture production molds to support Architecture, Naval, Commercial, Construction, Fashion, Arts & others.

Fiberglass Composite

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering fabricate to order composite parts for a very wide variety of uses. Such as pannels, piping, channels and small, medium and large exhaust systems.

Marine Fiberglass Applications

FIBERGLASS By Design provide complete solutions in Naval architectural improvements forensic work, delamination corrective work, structural support improvement fabrication of vessels to order.

Marine FIBERGLASS Applications

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering brings together the specialized technical skills of over 25 years experience and when combined with our marine expertise we are able to undertake all repairs from minor gel coat work to major collision damage, many of our key staff have over 25 years experience within the marine composites industry to draw from, we view this expertise as the corner stone of our business, and this is easily identified in the quality of workmanship demonstrated.

Our Professional Services

Consultansy and design assistance

Product development and evaluation

GRP moldings fabrications and structures

High tech fiberglass custom manufacturing

Spray painting and specialist coatings

Laminate design and guidance on material selection  

Mold design and tooling

Artistic Desings & Sculptures

Fabrication of vessels to order

Naval architectural improvements

Custom ceiling manufacturing

Furniture & more

Sub assemble 

Addition of peripheral components

Delivery & Installation

After sales support and ongoing maintenance

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering

Innovation in today's world

Examples of our work include the manufacture of custom fiberglass seating and tables, reception desks and bars, planters of all sizes ans styles, architectural cladding and features, pendants lights and seating pods, branding structures and signage, industrial covers and enclosures, and so much more, this is just a flavor of our team’s creative work.

Custom FIBERGLASS Planters

FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom fiberglass and GRP moldings (Glass Reinforced Plastic) also known as Fiberglass. We have the ability to produce one off pieces and multiple units in a production run

By Design & Engineering

More of our custom FIBERGLASS designs...

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FIBERGLASS By Design & Engineering

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